Striped Marine Wire

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What is Striped Marine Wire?

Striped Marine Wire has been color-coded to make identification even easier. A stripe, or two, of varying colors, is added to the insulation of a wire. This is useful when dealing with a multitude of wires. Think about it, once you get to twenty-five wires in a system, how do you know which wire controls what? This is where the idea for striped marine wire came from. A simple colored stripe on the insulation of a wire can change it's intended purpose.

What kind of stripe options does Pacer Group carry? When offering striped marine wire, the most important aspect is choice. Pacer Group has gone out of the way to provide just that. Whether you're looking for a blue wire with a red stripe or a yellow wire with a black stripe, you'll find it here. With over 100 possible combinations, you're sure to find the stripped wire you need. Have a question about striped marine wire? Contact a Pacer Group expert today.