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From increased profits and customer volume to reduced spending, it just makes sense. Whether you are a booming provider or a startup company, it Just. Makes. Sense. Build your network and strengthen your ties by becoming a wholesaler. What kind of benefits can you expect to receive?

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Save money on special
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Get what you want even
faster by going direct.


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We have you covered.


Use a source trusted by the
world's largest boat builders.

Everything you need in
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Flexible payments can help
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Have access to products
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Pacer Group has been a trusted name for 40 years. Take a look at just a few of the top boat builders who turn to Pacer Group for their wire and electrical solutions. Become a Pacer Group preferred and trusted company, and increase your business exposure. You'll appreciate the quality and value of the products you find at Pacer Group.


Simply copy and paste the link to place the Pacer Group trust symbol on your website. This will inform customers that you get the Finest Products in one place.


celebrating 40 years of providing electrical solutions.

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