Zip Cord

What is Zip Cord?

Zip cord is an electrical wire notable for having two or more conductors that are parallel bonded. Their insulated jackets can be easily separated from one another by being pulled apart. This cable is an economical alternative to jacketed cable. It is ideal for low voltage lights, trailer lights, and DC circuits. Commonly, this type of wire is used where multiple conductors need to be routed quickly. How many conductors are available? Well, zip cord is made of two, three or four conductors of various colors parallel bonded.

Pacer Group zip cord is constructed from 105°C annealed bare copper primary wire (Type II). The insulation is color-coded for easy identification. What colors are available? That depends on the number of conductors you need. If you're looking for two conductors, one of the two will always be black. The other wire can be red, blue, dark blue, or grey. If you are looking at three or four conductors, then the first three will be brown, yellow and green. On four conductor zip cord, the fourth wire is white. Pacer Group offers a variety of zip cord color combinations. Choosing the right kind of zip cord can get overwhelming. Contact a Pacer Group expert with any questions that you have.