Terminals and Connectors



What are Terminals and Connectors?

Terminals and connectors are any of the various pieces of equipment used to end a wire or connect an electrical system. They can be anything from ring terminals, butt splices, wire caps, ferrules, fork terminals or more. Pacer Group carries everything from waterproof connectors to battery posts and everything between.
What type of terminals will work on your project? Well, there are a few factors to consider when determining what terminals will meet your needs. Do you need waterproof terminals? Is vibration resistance important? What kind of temperatures will the terminals need to handle? Let's take a look at butt splices.
Suppose you need to connect two 14 gauge wires together but you need the splice to be waterproof and vibration resistant. By using heat shrink butt splices, you are guaranteed just that. To use, simply strip the wire to the appropriate length and insert it into the butt splice. Next, use the proper crimper tool to ensure the correct amount of pressure. Now repeat with the other wire on the opposite side of the butt splice. With these steps complete, use the PROHEAT gun to properly activate the heat shrink. That's it.
Regardless of what you're looking for, with such a large selection you're sure to find the parts you need. Selecting the correct terminal or connector can seem overwhelming. Let us help. Contact a Pacer Group expert today with any questions you may have.