Wire Ferrules

What are wire ferrules?

*This Page was Updated on 2/22/2021.


Wire Ferrules are a type of terminal used on a stranded wire to prevent fraying. Think of them like a barrel that slides over the wires and completely covering them. Commonly, they are used on wires inserted into IEC (European) style terminal blocks. The purpose is to create a better connection to the block. How do they do that? Well, if you tried to connect the wire to the block the connection would be weaker. This is due to the fraying of the stranded wire. As you tightened the screw, it would push into the stranded wires and cause them to separate. Wire ferrules essentially make the end of the stranded wire one solid piece. As we said above, wire ferrules keep the wires from stranding by jacketing the wire. This prevents the wire from fraying and provides a more solid connection.