Wire Ferrules

What are Wire Ferrules?

Wire Ferrules are a type of terminal used on stranded wire to prevent fraying. Commonly, they are used on wires inserted into IEC (European) style terminal blocks. The purpose being to create a better connection to the block. How do they do that? Well, if you tried to connect the wire to the block the connection would be weaker. This is due to the fraying of the stranded wire. Wire ferrules essentially make the end of the stranded wire solid.

Wire Ferrules keep the wires from stranding by jacketing the wire. This prevents the wire from fraying and provides a more solid connection. How do you use a Wire Ferrule? First, the wire is stripped to the correct length and the ferrule is slid over the exposed wire. The nylon casing at the base of the ferrule should butt up against the insulation of the wire. Next, the wire ferrule is crimped using the proper tool. Proper crimping pressure and technique are key to ensuring continued performance. To enhance the lifespan of the connection, heat shrink can be added for extra protection. Selecting the correct wire ferrule isn't always an easy task. Contact a Pacer Group expert today with any questions that you may have.