Ring Terminals

What are Ring Terminals?

Ring terminals are used to connect wires to a connection point. They can easily be used with two or more wires. They offer a solid connection as the ring is fitted over a stud. This removes the possibility of the terminal disconnecting. Using the proper parts is essential to a high-quality electrical connection. Ring terminals are the most secure type of tongue style terminal. They are known for their durability and ease of use.

How do you use ring terminals? First, you start by stripping your wire to the proper distance. The bare wire should fill the cavity of the terminal completely while the insulation butts up to the base of the terminal. Now you crimp the terminal using the proper tool to ensure the correct amount of pressure. Next, place the screw through the eye of the ring and attach to the proper surface. The attaching screw or stud must be inserted through the hole in the tongue. If the screw loosens, the terminal will not fall off.

What types of insulation are available? Pacer Group ring terminals are available in a variety of insulation styles. Choose from non-insulated, vinyl, nylon or heat shrink insulation. Selecting the correct ring terminal is not always easy. Contact a Pacer Group expert today and let us help.