Multi conductor

What is Multi Conductor Cable?

Multi conductor cables carry more than one conductor. They usually have between two to twenty-five conductors although some can have more. Another important aspect is that they can be shielded or not. Shielded cables are recommended in environments where electromagnetic interference is an issue. Multi conductor cables are commonly used for control purposes. Things such as remote signaling, communications, and broadcast applications to name a few. These cables are manufactured to meet the latest UL, CSA, and NEC requirements.

What sizes are available? Pacer Group stocks a large selection of gauge sizes, from 22 AWG to 14 AWG. An important factor to consider when selecting multi conductor cable is the number of conductors. Conductor availability can vary from gauge to gauge. Some gauges of multi conductor cable offer from as little as 2 to as many as 25 conductors. Temperatures and voltages may not be the same from cable to cable. Call a Pacer Group expert for specifications on the item you need.