Fuses and Fuse Blocks

Protecting your electrical connections is essential to the life of your boats wiring system. Fuses prevent surges by intentionally creating a weak link. This weak link breaks before damage can be done to more expensive equipment. Pacer Group offers a variety of fuses and fuse blocks to meet many different electrical needs.
How do you know which fuse type is right for your project? Each fuse style is designed with a particular function in mind. Let's take a look at Class T fuses. This style of fuse is extremely fast acting. This helps to prevent short circuits. They offer 20,000 ampere interrupt capacity and are useful for protecting panel boards among other electrical parts. Their size also makes them a good choice for certain projects since they are so compact.
We understand that selecting the proper fuse or fuse holder for your project is not always an easy task. Feel free to contact a Pacer Group expert with any questions that you may have.