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When does Wire become Cable?

Posted by Pacer Group on 20th Sep 2022

Wire Gauge Sizes Cable Gauge Sizes 22 AWG 20 AWG 18 AWG 16 AWG 14 AWG 12 AWG … read more

Boat Shows to Catch

Posted by Pacer Group on 13th Sep 2022

Boat shows are one of the best events for boating enthusiasts or marine professionals to attend. Like a kid in a candy store, there is so much to see and experience. Innovations and enh … read more

Easy Panel Enhancements

Posted by Pacer Group on 1st Aug 2022

A Simple Overview of Easy Enhancements that Any Boater Can Handle! From Increasing Functionality to Enhancing Visual Appeal Panels are somehow one of the most used parts o … read more

How to Find a Great Repair Shop

Posted by Pacer Group on 13th Jul 2022

Dealing with boat repairs is no easy task and finding quality boat repair shops can be even more difficult. Some people may just google things like: “boat repair near me” or “boat r … read more

Are You Planning to Fix Your Own Boat?

Posted by Pacer Group on 13th Jun 2022

The decision to handle your own boat repair is not one to be taken lightly. Boats are notoriously difficult to work on and often require specific knowledge to properly repair. If you have … read more