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What You Need to Know about Wire Routing

Posted by Pacer Group on 19th Oct 2020

What is wire routing? Wire routing is the process of passing a wire, series of wires, or bundles of wires through an environment to reach the desired area of connection. So, when you pass … read more

Benefits of Environmentally Sealed Connectors

Posted by Eric Jameson on 7th Sep 2020

Electrical connections are only as good as the materials they are comprised of. Most electrical connections are not water-proof, weather-proof, abrasion-proof, or anything-proof. What good … read more

​What Sets Pacer Group apart as a Great Employer?

Posted by Pacer Group on 13th Aug 2020

Why it matters? People tend to forget that they have a choice in where they work. Sure, you can be employed by a company that makes you feel like another replaceable tool in the toolbox, or you c … read more

How do you know if you have high quality wire?

Posted by Pacer Group on 23rd Jun 2020

A high-quality wire is defined by several characteristics such as conductor material, insulation durability, number and types of resistances, and longevity. Does all wire meet these basic … read more