Cable Pass Throughs

Cable Pass-Throughs - Cable Gland Connectors Outperform Traditional Connectors

Cable gland connectors outperform traditional connectors. This is because the design consists of three parts which do not need to be separated before use. How does it work? The internal ratchet allows the cap to tighten without twisting the cable. It compresses, pushing the fingers together to form a liquid tight connection. This is further enhanced with a neoprene compression gland.
Use snap bushings to reduce sharp edges and protect wires when passing through holes. Snap bushings are designed to accommodate a variety of panel or box thicknesses. How do they work? They "snap" into place easily and resist up to 35 pounds of pull.
Cable clams allow for waterproof co-axial installation without removing connectors. This helps you to save the expense of removing and replacing connectors.