Coax Connectors

What are Coax Connectors?

Coax connectors are a type of radio frequency connector. They are built to work at radio frequencies that are in the multi-mega hertz range. They are commonly used in the audio, video, RF, digital and microwave industries. Each style of coax connector is designed with a specific application and purpose in mind.

Pacer Group carries coax connectors in 50 Ohm and 75 Ohm to ensure that every project gets the parts it needs. Which connector should you use? Well, that depends on several factors. You would need to consider what type of cable you would be using whether its RG6, RG59 or another style. You would also need to consider whether you would be using nickel or silver plating? Would you just be connecting two existing cables together? Let's take a look at the female to female connector. This style of connector extends the length of your cable by combining two male coax connectors together. To use, simply screw it into the first male connector. Check to make sure the connection is tight and secure. Next, do the same operation to the other male connector and that's it. You just connected two separate cables easily. We know that finding the proper coax connector for your job can seem overwhelming. We're here to help. Contact a Pacer Group expert with any questions that you have.