Terminal Boxes

What are Terminal Boxes?

Terminal Boxes are an ideal way to organize, store and transport terminals. No more hunting for a specific size or style. Looking for 12-10 AWG heat shrink ring terminal for a 1/2" stud? That will be easy find using terminal boxes. Pacer Group knows that having parts readily accessible makes a project that much easier. It is with this in mind that we offer terminal boxes. Why use a terminal box? Well, terminal boxes offer scoop type compartments. These compartmentalized boxes are perfect for use with small parts such as terminals, screws, fasteners and more.

Terminal boxes are available in plastic or metal. Each metal box is made of prime cold rolled steel and finished in rust and acid resistant baked enamel. This ensures that the box will last for years to come.

What if one box won't hold all the parts you need? We currently offer metal boxes in two sizes so the large would be better suited for more parts. If that is not enough, we also carry racks with 4 slide-out cradles for storing terminal boxes. If you have any questions about terminal boxes, contact a Pacer Group expert today.