Switch Covers


Pacer Group Switch Covers

Matching switch covers to your panel couldn't be easier. Choose from our large selection of body and print styles. With so many options, you're sure to find the style that most suits your needs.

How many print options are there? Currently, we carry over 115 different print options to meet almost every marine need. Pacer Group Contura switch covers are custom screened in-house to ensure quality. Are we planning to add more styles? Absolutely. We are always seeking ways to improve the boating experience.
How do you replace your current switch covers? Using the Switch Cover Removal Tool takes out all the hassle of removing switch covers. Slide the tool under the cover with your thumb over the top of the cover and press the tool in. That's it! The cover pops right off and you can snap a new one on. All body styles are removable and interchangeable on V-Series Contura switchesContact a Pacer Group expert today to help you find the switch cover you need.