Compression Seal Connectors

What are Compression Seal Connectors?

Compression seal connectors are attached to a cable using a compression tool to create a 360° permanent seal. These include BNC series connectors as well as RCA series connectors.

These connectors are built for durability and longevity. Whether you are looking for RCA, BNC or coaxial connectors, Pacer Group has what you need. What cables will these work on? Each connector is designed for use on one or more cable types. These connectors are for use on RG59, RG6, and LMR-240 cables all which can be found on this site. Each of these connectors create a high quality, permanent 360° connector-to-cable seal. What material are these connectors made from? Well, these connectors are made of machined annealed brass. The brass is then covered with an anti-corrosion nickel plated finish. This allows for maximum conductivity and reliability. Have any questions regarding compression seal connectors? Feel free to contact a Pacer Group expert today. We're here to help.