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Lugs & Splices

Lugs & Splices - Fully Annealed Copper Prevents Cracking from Crimping - Tinned Plated to Prevent Corrosion

Pacer Group lugs and splices are made from 100% pure copper for high conductivity. This copper is fully annealed to prevent cracking while being crimped and while in service. These terminals are also tinned plated to prevent corrosion.
Lugs are general purpose seamless electrical terminals. They are commonly used with battery cable. When used, they create a superior hold and are designed specifically for demanding environments. How do you use lugs? First you would get a lug that is appropriate for the gauge of cable you are working with. Next, strip the cable to the appropriate length so that the insulation butts up to the base of the lug while the wire fills the cavity. Now, you crimp with the proper tool and you're done. For added protection, cover the connection with heat shrink. This also serves to make the connection water proof.
Butt splices are a type of connector that are commonly used to join two or more wires. Some butt splices are meant to connect a single wire to multiple wires. How do you know which butt splice to use? The first thing to consider is the gauge of the wires you will be connecting. You may need to use a step-down if the wire sizes are different. Next, consider what type insulation you would need. If you need water proof, then go for the heat shrink butt splices.
Navigating lugs and splices can seem a bit daunting. Contact a Pacer Group expert to find the lug or splice to finish your project.