Lugs & Splices


What are lugs and splices?

Lugs and splices are electrical wire connectors that are created by crimping the connector onto a wire or cable. This connection, commonly referred to as a cold weld, creates a solid, long-lasting connection. Pacer lugs and splices are made from 100% pure copper for high conductivity. This copper is fully annealed to prevent cracking while being crimped and while in service. This means that these connectors are designed for long term applications. These types of crimp connectors are also tinned plated to prevent corrosion which adds to their longevity. Many of these Lugs are general purpose seamless electrical terminals. They are commonly used with battery cable, primary wire, or other types of electrical cables. When used, they create a superior hold and are designed specifically for demanding environments.

"These terminals are also tinned plated to prevent corrosion which adds to their longevity."


Butt splices are a type of connector that are commonly used to join two or more wires. They carry an internal indent so that the wires can be lined up perfectly. Some butt splices are meant to connect a single wire to multiple wires whereas others are designed to connect wires of various sizes. Butt splices are known for their ease of use and longevity. One question we often get is about the difference between a lug and a splice.