Cable Tie Tools

Cable ties are a common everyday item. To install them, it's best if you use the proper tools. By using the cable tie cutter, you ensure the proper tension each time, every time.
How does it work? To use the cable tie cutter, you start by turning the selector knob to the proper setting: mini, intermediate or standard. Apply the cable tie to the wire bundle or object you are working on and tighten until it is snug. Next, place the tail of the cable tie through the mouth of the cutter and slide the cutter up to the base of the cable tie. Squeeze the trigger until the tail of the cable tie snaps off. As an added feature, the cable tie now has no sharp edges as the cutter leaves none.
Will this same process work for the stainless steel cable ties? Yes, although you will need a different tool. By using the stainless steel cable tie cutter in the manner mentioned above, you are guaranteed the proper tension with no sharp edges.