Boat Cable


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What is Boat Cable?

Boat cable is designed with flexibility, durability, and ease of installation in mind. It is built to handle the harshest marine conditions. Pacer Group takes it a step further. This cable is resistant to things like vibration, acid, alkali, abrasion, flame, gasoline, moisture & oil. These things add up to create a superior electrical cable that is trusted by some of the world's largest boat builders.

Pacer Group stocks over 50 different configurations of UL boat cable. These vary in gauge and number of conductors to handle nearly any marine project. What types do we offer? Pacer Group carries many of the major styles of boat cable and offers multiple options for each. Whether your project requires duplex, triplex, or round boat cable, Pacer Group has it in stock.

What kind of insulation do these cables have? Well, all of Pacer Group’s Boat Cable has a durable yet flexible PVC jacket. This jacket is extruded in such a way that there is no space for condensation to form. When you see Pacer Group on your cable, you know you have the highest quality available. We understand that choosing the proper cable isn't always an easy choice. Contact a Pacer Group expert today with any questions that you may have.