What are Disconnects?

Disconnects are a type of terminal intended to be disconnected and reconnected multiple times. This makes them ideal for use where field serviceability is an issue. Disconnects are a great way to protect electrical connections. Whether dealing with mechanical abuse, wire pull-out, or abrasion, they are a solid choice for longevity. Disconnects are sometimes known as quick connects or slip-on connectors.
Why use disconnects? Well, they are an easy way to achieve connection by fitting the female part over the male tab. Also, the holding force is excellent. This is due to an indentation on the tongue of the female part which locks with a hole in the male tab. What kind of insulation is available? Pacer Group offers disconnects in non-insulated brazed seem and heat shrink insulation. Heat shrink is available in partially insulated or fully insulated. Selecting the right disconnect for your project is not always an easy task. Contact a Pacer Group expert today and let us help.