Fork Terminals

What are Fork Terminals?

Fork Terminals are used to connect wires to a stud, bus bar or another part of an electrical system. Fork terminals help prevent frayed wires and offer a high level of protection. Often times in an electrical environment, vibration is a factor. Standard lock terminals will disconnect should the holding screw loosen. Two innovations have solved this problem while maintaining the ease of use typical of fork terminals.

How have they solved the problem? Locking fork terminals have a projection inside the forks, causing the terminals to snap onto the screw. Flanged fork terminals have the ends of the forks turned up. Both of these designs will keep the terminal fastened even if the holding screw loosens.

What kind of insulation is available? Pacer Group offers fork terminals in non-insulated, vinyl, nylon, and heat shrink insulation. If you have any questions about fork terminals, contact a Pacer Group expert today. We're here to help.