Multi Pair and Tray Cable

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What are Multi-Pair Cables?

Multi pair cables are a type of electrical cable that consists of groups of insulated conductors. These conductors are twisted into pairs before being jacketed together in the same form as multi conductor cables. Some cables have each pair shielded while other Multi pair cables have an overall shield or no shield at all. Multi pair cables are commonly popular for many of the same reasons as multi conductor cables. That is, the ability to run several wires in one convenient package. This makes wiring installation a simpler task. This type of cable is utilized by the communication and computer industries.

What are Tray Cables?

Tray cables are two or more insulated conductors for installation in trays or similar channels. They are made with or without grounding conductors beneath a non-metallic sheath. Basically, they are run across wire ways, ducts, or trays, usually along the ceiling, in hazardous environments. Oftentimes, in industrial areas, there is a multitude of cables to be run across a location. Rather than running them across the floor where they would be susceptible to damage, the cables are placed in trays. These elevated trays offer long-term protection of both the cables themselves and the signals.