Battery Posts & Boots


What are Battery posts & boots?


Battery posts are electrical connectors that are used to connect a load to a battery. They can be used with a single cell or multi-celled batteries. They ensure a proper connection from the battery to an electrical system. All Pacer battery terminals are cast with 131 contact copper which is almost 95% copper. Each of our battery post terminals is electro-plated with a bright tin finish. Better yet, they have raised letters indicating wire size and post type. Our electrical connector types are built for harsh marine applications.

"When installing boat cable, you have to consider the tight spaces with sharp turns where the cable will run."


Battery boots are protective covers that are applied to the battery post connection point in an electrical system. In this way, they cover both the battery post and the terminal on the battery itself. This, in turn, offers a higher level of protection than some of the other protection methods. Battery boots are used to protect the battery from shorts, shocks, and corrosion making them essential in a marine environment as well as other hazardous situations. Each type of battery boot we offer is designed for a particular type of battery post. Below we will take a more in depth look at the different types we carry and where they are most useful.