Battery Posts & Boots

What are Battery Posts?

Battery posts are electrical contacts that are used to connect a load to a battery. They can be used with single cell or multi-celled batteries. They ensure a proper connection from the battery to an electrical system. All Pacer Group battery terminals are cast with 131 contact copper which almost 95% copper. Each of our battery post terminals is electro-plated with a bright tin finish. Better yet, they have raised letters indicating wire size and post type.

Will these battery posts handle a saltwater environment? Of course, for corrosion protection, a thin layer of epoxy is applied to the surface of the nuts and bolts. This does not affect the ease of assembly and will maintain consistent torque and protection.

Is there a way to protect the battery post connection? Yes, protective boots and caps extend battery life by protecting against corrosion. They're constructed from durable, heavy-duty PVC and are available in several styles. These boots also increase product safety by preventing electrical shorts and shock. This can help to prevent injury and potential liability. Contact a Pacer Group expert today with any questions you may have.