Delphi Tools

Often times a specific tool is required for a specific job. Delphi tools are made for you to use with pin and sleeve terminals. Why use Delphi? Delphi connectors are made to be environmentally sealed, dis-connectable, in-line connections.

Are you using metri-pack 150 or 280 series terminals? Then you'll want to use the crimp MP tool. This tool is designed to crimp the core and insulation wings in a separate motion.  Simply place the terminal over the stripped wire and place the core of the terminal into the proper nest on the tool. Close the tool to crimp. Now you repeat the same process with the wings and you're done.
What if you need to remove a terminal? Pacer Group has you covered. Using the weather pack removal tool, you can easily remove terminals from your connector. To use the tool, you would depress the terminal retention bar with the tip of the tool and extract the terminal. It's that easy.