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Wire Routing



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Split conduit is an excellent general-purpose cable and harness protector. It is efficient to install and economical. How does it work? Simply work the conduit around the run of wires. It's that easy. Split conduit provides an ideal method for binding. This binding is perfect for wire harness assemblies. You will find it provides abrasion and impact protection. It does this while reducing wire insulation damage. As an added bonus, it creates a quality appearance in wiring systems.

Spiral wrap provides abrasion protection for wire and cable insulation. It also protects hydraulic and pneumatic tubing insulation. To use, simply wrap it around the wire harness. Spiral wrap is handy for kink-proofing all types of tubing. Why use spiral wrap? The spiral cut allows for expand-ability, easy wire breakouts, and excellent flexibility. For the greatest abrasion resistance, you can butt the edges together while installing. For flexibility, you can leave a gap between the edges.

Expandable sleeving is the perfect choice for electronic and high tech applications. What makes it perfect for those applications? It's flame retardant and durable. Why use it? Ease of installation makes this an efficient choice for long runs of wires or cables. It is ideal for applications where flame spread is a primary safety concern.

Wrappable braided tube is ideal where ease of installation is important. How does this help? The split allows the tube to open up to accommodate a wide variety of bundling requirements. It's easy to roll out and wrap around wires or cables. The semi-rigid braid configuration closes around the entire installation. This eliminates the need for extra fasteners. To make it even better, it is more flexible than split conduit or spiral wrap.

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