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Protect your electrical connections from the environment and other hazards with electrical tape, liquid electrical tape and sealants

What are tapes and sealants?

Tapes and sealants are used to seal and protect electrical splices, terminations, and other connections. Commonly, electrical tape is made from vinyl or rubber due to their flexibility and ability to stretch. Liquid electrical tape is made from a complex combination of chemicals to offer superior durability without compromising flexibility. These factors are important when creating a watertight seal. If you use a type of electrical tape that is not water resistant, your electrical connections will be at risk of moisture intrusion, corrosion, and other damaging conditions. Sealants are used to create a waterproof barrier around splices and connections which serve to protect that connection from a wide range of potential issues. When considering liquid electrical tape, remember, once applied it dries to a consistency that maintains flexibility. Using electrical tape and sealants is the simplest way to protect your electrical connections and ensure the longevity of your electrical system. The first step is to determine exactly what you need to protect, and which method will offer the best protection. Remember, liquid electrical tape is not right for every situation. Make sure to ask yourself the correct questions to get to the product best suited for your needs.