Bus Bars


What are Bus Bars?

Bus Bars are a metallic strip or bar, used as a proper ground for circuit protection, and energy distribution. Also, they are a useful way to consolidate positive or negative wires.
Pacer Group bus bars are tinned plated copper for higher conductivity.

How do you know which style is right for you?

The first thing to consider is the amount of amps the bar will be handling. If you're dealing with 100 amps, use the mini. If you need to handle 150, try the common. For 600 amps, use the power bus bar. Use power posts on positive cables, to branch out to high-amperage devices. You can also use them on negative posts as a convenient ground post. Regardless of how you use them, power posts provide a secure connection for high-amperage cablesWhat kind of protection do they offer? Each power post comes with an insulator cap. This cap protects against accidental grounding. If you need help determining which bus bar or power post is right for your project contact a Pacer Group expert today. We're here to help.