Telephony & Coax Cable Tools

Pacer Group Coaxial & Telephony Tools

Installing connectors is a simple process given the proper tools. Even coaxial connectors can be seamlessly attached. To ensure the best connection possible, be sure to match the tool to the cable type you are using.

How would I install a coaxial connector on a stripped RG59 coax cable? Well, this would require a compression tool, the F Conn ratcheting compression tool. With the coax cable stripped, the inner conductor would be exposed. First, you would place the connector over the coaxial cable. Be sure that the inner conductor passes through the center of the connector. Place the cable with the connector on it into the F Conn tool. Pay attention that the connector lines up with the tool cavity. Next, simply squeeze the handles until the connector is compressed. It's that easy.

If you need help determining which tool you need, contact a Pacer Group expert today.