Speaker Wire

What is Speaker Wire?

Speaker wire creates electrical connections between audio equipment and loudspeakers. Built with two conductors, each individually insulated by PVC, this cable is made for a variety of purposes. It can be used in everything from digital audio, stereo speakers, jukeboxes, home theaters and more. It is important to note that speaker wire is not designed for in-wall use.

Pacer Group speaker wire is constructed from finely stranded tinned and bare copper wire. It is then insulated with premium clear PVC. How do you know which gauge is right for your project? Well, the first thing to do is determine the length of wire you will need to run. It's a good practice to add a few feet to provide slack and to allow for error. Now, knowing the distance, you can figure out the gauge needed by the power required. For example, If you are running the wire along a short length to an 8-ohm speaker, then 16 gauge will do the trick. If you need to run more than 50 feet, then you would want to use 12 or 14 gauge. Selecting the correct wire for your project can get confusing. Let us help. Contact a Pacer Group expert today.