Enclosures and Boxes

Electrical Enclosures & Boxes

Designed with environmental protection in mind, enclosures are perfect for electrical components. Enclosures protect your components from wind, dust, chemicals, water and more. Are they waterproof? Yes, they have continuous gaskets made from polyurethane foam. This seal guarantees optimal integrity.

What is the difference between enclosures and boxes? Although there are many differences, the biggest one is size. Junction boxes are generally smaller while enclosures can get fairly large. Also, enclosures offer different style covers such as: screw, hinge with screw and hinge with latch. What if you need a clear cover? Junction boxes offer clear covers so you can easily see inside the box.
What if you need to mount your box or enclosure? Pacer Group carries a variety of aluminum mounting plates for both enclosures and boxes. Contact a Pacer Group expert today and let us help you choose the proper enclosure or box for your project.