Primary Marine Wire

abrasion-resistant-icon.gif  Acid Resistant  Alkali Resistant  Flame Resistant  Gasoline Resistant  Moisture Resistant   oil resistance

What is Primary Marine Wire?

Marine wire is designed and manufactured to withstand the harsh marine environment. The marine environment can include the need to be resistant to acid, alkali, abrasion, oil, flame, gasoline and moisture. This type of tinned wire is ABYC compliant meaning that the wires are color coded making installation and maintenance a breeze.

How is Pacer Group primary wire manufactured? Well, Pacer Group marine wire is constructed from high quality tinned copper wire. This type of conductor or wire is chosen for it's ability to resist corrosion better than other types. Finely stranded, tinned copper wire provides excellent flexibility making it ideal for routing. The marine environment has many tight spaces such as hulls where easy routing is beneficial. This level of flexibility also makes it the perfect choice for use with marine switches. We use a proprietary insulation designed for flexibility and durability to jacket the conductor. So when you see Pacer Group you know it means quality.

What compliances and standards does this wire meet? Pacer Group's Marine Wire meets the requirements and standards of UL, ABYC and NMMA. We offer Marine Wire in 18 Awg, 16 Awg, 14 Awg, 12 Awg, 10 Awg and 8 Awg. What ABYC colors are available? Well, we offer it in red, black, brown, white, tan, orange, yellow, blue, light blue, green, light green, violet, grey and pink. If you have any questions about marine wire, contact a Pacer Group expert today.