Wire Jumpers

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What are Wire Jumpers?

Wire jumpers are short runs of wire with both ends terminated in order to make installation easy. With wire jumpers, there is no need to solder or use outside equipment. They quickly snap into place completing the circuit. They are extremely useful when loading panels or switches. Pre-made wire jumpers save time and money. They are the most common configurations to bus breakers. You can also use them to jumper from breaker to switch or receptacle. You can even use them to connect lights from switch to switch and to connect switch light grounds.

What type of wire are these jumper made from? All our wire jumpers are made from Pacer Group wire meaning they were designed for longevity. Pacer Group marine wire is manufactured from Type 3 Class K tinned copper conductor. It is then insulated with a flexible PVC jacket. Pacer Group's marine wire meets the requirements and standards of UL, ABYC, and NMMA.