Tinned Copper Braid

What is Tinned Copper Braid?

Tinned copper braid is a tight weave of soft drawn tinned copper wire. Originally constructed as a tube that is rolled flat creating a specific width. Why use tinned copper braid cable? Well, it is excellent for use in shielding wire bundle short runs and is easily terminated. As an added bonus, tinned copper braid is ideal for use as a low impedance ground path. Braided cable is ideal for a multitude of jobs.

Is this type of cable durable in harsh environments? Yes, it is. The tinned copper conductors and woven construction make it flexible. This flexibility gives braided cable superb durability against harsh marine conditions. Pacer Group carries tinned copper braid in a variety of sizes to accommodate many jobs. Contact a Pacer Group expert today with any questions about that you have.