Wire Management


Pacer Group Wire Management

Wire Management products protect, organize, route, and enhance wire runs, bundles, and more

What is wire management?

Wire management, also known as cable management, is the use of specialized tools and equipment to control the direction or organization of wires or to protect the functionality of wires in an electrical system. This is done for a variety of reasons including; protecting wires from environmental hazards, simplifying the process of navigating the electrical system, and segregating wires by function or intended location using a cable organizer. The term wire management can refer to a wide range of items and tools such as that are used in the process of managing wiring systems. Anything from cable ties and cable clamps to heat shrink and expandable sleeving fall under this category. Basically, if it helps protect or navigate wires, it can be considered wire management or cable management. The overall benefit of utilizing wire management tools and techniques such as cable management sleeve is that you can extend the life of your electrical system by protecting the wires themselves while making it easier to find the wires you’re looking for.