Cable Clamps

Cable Clamps - Secure Containment for Cables & Harnesses

Cable clamps provide secure containment for many cable or harness diameters. Made from 1/2" wide nylon, they are resistant to a variety of hazards. These include: acids, oils, flame and grease. Are they difficult to install? With a single screw, you can use cable clamps to mount a variety of materials. Some of these include wires, hoses, and tubing products.
Use stainless steel clamps when weight and vibration are factors. Black neoprene cushions cover the stainless steel clamps. This protects harnesses or hoses from abrasions. It also serves to dampen vibrations. Still not sold? Stainless steel will not pit or become brittle with exposure to a salt water environment. These are clearly the choice if longevity is what you are looking for.