Battery Management

Marine Battery Management

Battery management is essential in a marine electrical system. Whether you need a battery charger, selector switches or USB chargers, you came to the right place.

Battery chargers are a great way to make sure you're never at a loss for power. Some offer charging for up to three battery banks at the same time. What kind of protection do these chargers offer? Let's take a look at the Blue Sea chargers. They offer many types of protection. Ignition, temperature, overheating, reverse polarity, and even surge and short circuit protection.
Pacer Group carries Guest battery switches in several styles from universal to heavy duty. Why use a battery switch? Battery switches disconnect battery power in a safe manner. They can also be used to isolate all circuits. As an added bonus, they conform to USCG safety standard 183.410 for ignition protection.
USB chargers make keeping your mobile devices powered easier than ever. How do you install these USB chargers? Each of these is designed to fit into specific aperture. The dual charger fits same mounting hole as common 12 volt outlet. The fast charger fits into an existing Contura mounting switch aperture. Installation couldn't be easier.
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