Battery Cable Assemblies

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Easily connect batteries to your electrical system with battery cable assemblies built for flexibility, durability and longevity

What are Battery Cable Assemblies?

Battery Cable Assemblies are short runs of battery cable with both ends terminated that are used to connect one or more batteries to an electrical system. They can be terminated with a variety of ends and boots to handle just about any job. Their length can range widely, but they are usually found in lengths between twelve inches and forty-eight inches. Pacer Group manufactures battery cable assemblies in the most common gauges ranging from four gauge (4AWG) to four aught (4/0AWG). High-quality battery cable assemblies are a must in any marine electrical system. The marine environment is not a forgiving one, and your batteries and cables will be exposed to vibration, moisture, corrosion and more. When a battery cable assembly is built with longevity in mind it is built to handle the harshest marine conditions. This is our goal and our mind set when it comes to manufacturing battery cable assemblies.