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Deutsch Connectors

Deutsch Environmentally-Sealed Connectors - Designed for Cable-to-Cable Applications Under Harsh Conditions


Deutsch DTM, DT, DTP and DTHD are a series of environmentally sealed connectors. They are designed for cable-to-cable applications where circuits must handle harsh conditions.
What is the difference between the series? Well, the most obvious difference is the wire gauge the connector will accept but there is more to it than that. DT and DTM series connectors will provide reliability and performance at low cost. These are your standard and mini sizes. DTP Series connectors deliver environmentally sealed performance for higher power applications. DTHD connectors are single terminal connectors for heavy duty applications. Deutsch connectors are easy to install, and compact in size. They are a simple, field serviceable alternative to a splice.
Why offer kits and packs? Well, these kits and packs are an easy way to get the parts you need without having to look in multiple locations. Get the connector, wedgelock, cavity plugs and terminals you need in one, easy step.
Knowing which Deutsch product is the right one for your project can seem daunting. Let us help. Contact a Pacer Group expert today.