Deutsch, Contact Removal Tool

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Contact Size 20-4
Wire Size 22-4


Deutsch connectors are known for the environmentally sealed connections they provide. Their vibration and shock resistance make them ideal for use in a marine environment. This is why they are chosen for use by some of the world's largest boat builders. They allow for easy plugging and unplugging of connections. This makes them the perfect choice where field serviceability may be an issue. Deutsch contact removal tools are built to simplify the removal of contacts and field service repair. How do you use them? They are actually very easy to use. Simply put the proper size tool over the wire you want to remove and hold the handles at the end of the tool. Now, you only need to push while gently moving in a slight circular motion as the tip of the tool enter into the seal of the connector. Continue to push and rotate until you feel the tongue of the lock disengage. Now you can easily pull the wire out and remove the tool. These contact removal tools are designed in such a way as they cause no damage to the wire, terminal, seal or connector whatsoever. These high-quality Deutsch contact removal tools are designed to be used with 24-4 AWG wires. They are color coded to make identification of the proper size easy. Deutsch Contact removal tools are built for use with DTM, DT, DTP, and DTHD series connectors. They can also be used for HD10, HDP20, HD30, DRC, AEC, and WT series.


  • Easy to install
  • Field serviceable


  • For use with DTM, DT, DTP, DTHD, HD10, HDP20, HD30, DRC, AEC, and WT series connectors. 

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