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Are You Planning to Fix Your Own Boat?

Posted by Pacer on 13th Jun 2022

The decision to handle your own boat repair is not one to be taken lightly. Boats are notoriously difficult to work on and often require specific knowledge to properly repair. If you have your … read more

​The Most Common Connectors You’ll Need on Your Boat.

Posted by Pacer on 2nd May 2022

When it comes to dealing with your boat’s electrical system, understanding the most common electrical connector types is essential. Knowing how to identify, maintain, and replace your electric … read more

Marine Toolbox Essentials

Posted by Pacer on 19th Apr 2022

Having a toolbox on your boat is a must. From performing maintenance to handling on-the-spot issues, having the essentials in your toolbox can mean the difference between a great day on the water … read more

Enhanced and Updated Products

Posted by Pacer on 5th Apr 2022

Pacer’s partners and customers rely on accurate information when it comes to product selection. The OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and engineers that we serve need correct data for … read more

Getting in Gear for Boating Season

Posted by Pacer on 1st Mar 2022

Boating season is the time of year when your boat will get the most usage. This means that it needs to be ready for the constant vibration, exposure to elements, and other factors that it will … read more