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Enhanced and Updated Products

Posted by Pacer Group on 5th Apr 2022

Pacer’s partners and customers rely on accurate information when it comes to product selection. The OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and engineers that we serve need correct … read more

Getting in Gear for Boating Season

Posted by Pacer Group on 1st Mar 2022

Boating season is the time of year when your boat will get the most usage. This means that it needs to be ready for the constant vibration, exposure to elements, and other factors that it … read more

​Change and the Challenges it brings

Posted by Pacer Group on 31st Jan 2022

The boating industry has been in a constant state of flux for well over a year now. Pacer and every over wire, marine, or boating company out there has felt the impact. This is due in part to the e … read more

The Proper Way to Use Fork Terminals

Posted by Pacer Group on 1st Dec 2021

We are going to look at how to properly install fork terminals in a real-world application, but first, let us touch on what fork terminals actually are and what types are available. What are … read more