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Keeping your friends and family Safe while on the water

Posted by Pacer on 8th Mar 2021

*This Article was published on 03/08/2021 and was updated 01/09/2023* As more and more people take to the water, the chances of boat problems, accidents, and injuries increase. According t … read more

​So, Your Boat was in Storage? What Steps to Take Next.

Posted by Pacer on 2nd Feb 2021

If your boat has sat up for an extended period, you will need to take care of some maintenance before you put it back on the water. When a boat sits idle for too long, it tends to cause more p … read more

What’s Behind Your Panel?

Posted by Pacer on 12th Jan 2021

Marine Wire, Deutsch Connectors, and other electrical componentsWhy would I ever need to remove a panel? There is a wide range of reasons in which you may need to remove a panel. You may b … read more

​An In Depth Look at Crimpers

Posted by Pacer on 21st Dec 2020

What do we mean by the term “Crimpers”? Crimpers is a term used to describe tools that are used to “crimp”, or bend and pinch, terminals onto the bare conductors at the end of a wire. That … read more