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Easy Panel Enhancements

Posted by Pacer on 25th Mar 2024

A Simple Overview of Easy Enhancements that Any Boater Can Handle! From Increasing Functionality to Enhancing Visual Appeal Panels are somehow one of the most used parts on a bo … read more

When does Wire become Cable?

Posted by Pacer on 5th Oct 2023

Wire Gauge Sizes Cable Gauge Sizes 22 AWG 20 AWG 18 AWG 16 AWG 14 AWG 12 AWG … read more

Butt Splices, Step-Downs, and Wire Joints

Posted by Pacer on 10th Jul 2023

A look at what separates these connectors, the similarities they share, and where you want to use them.What do Butt Splices, Step-downs, and Wire Joints have in common? Ra … read more

Environmentally Sealed Connectors are Back!

Posted by Pacer on 6th Jun 2023

Hard to find connectors, wedge locks, terminals, plugs, boots, and tools are back in stock and ready to ship. Why were they so hard to find? Worldwide supply issues hav … read more

Common Names of Various Wires and Cables

Posted by Pacer on 13th Apr 2023

Wire and cable come in a variety of styles and types to meet the needs of various industries. Each of those individual  types of wire and cable can be referred to by multiple names. This ha … read more