Round Boat Cable

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What is Round boat Cable?

Round boat cable is designed to be routed through hulls and tight spaces. That is to say, it is designed with flexibility in mind. The round shape of this multiconductor marine cable allows it to bend in any direction. This is extremely helpful when dealing with tight spaces. With other cables, you deal with lack of flexibility and often times, flat cable which has a very limited range of motion.

Pacer Group's round boat cable is the ideal choice when it comes to multi conductor marine cable. It is made from finely annealed, stranded tinned copper wire. The insulation is made from a durable yet flexible PVC jacket. How many conductors are available? Pacer Group’s round boat cable is manufactured in 2, 3, 4, 6, 9 or 12 conductors.

Why use Pacer Group's round boat cable? Our boat cable is designed to be as flexible and easy to install as possible. The round shape is easy to fit through tight spaces and is flexible in all bending directions. Our round boat cable is perfect for use with sailing spars, t-tops and poling platforms. If you have any questions about round boat cable or any of our products, contact a Pacer Group expert today.