Indicator Lights

Indicator lights are a great way of signifying power to equipment or signifying if there is a malfunction. This is why Pacer Group offers multiple color choices. We offer indicator lights in E3L and E5S series.

What is the difference between the series? E3L Series are compact style lights that snap-fit into a 5/16” hole and are secured with a spring clip. As an added bonus, these lights have a built-in resistor. The base and bezel colors of the E3L series are black.
E5S Series lights snap fit into a 1/2”  hole, and are secured into place with self-locking ears. All E5S lights have a silver plated bezel.
What kind of bulbs are available? Both series are available with 14, 28, and 125 volt incandescent bulbs. All lights also come with a six inch 105°C tinned copper wire leads. These lights are also UL compliant. Contact a Pacer Group expert today with any questions you may have.