Non-Insulated Disconnect Terminals

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Wire Gauge Gender Length Tab Width Tab Thickness
22-18 Male 0.69" 0.250" 0.03"
16-14 Male 0.69" 0.250" 0.03"

Wire Gauge Gender Length Tab Width Receptacle Thickness
22-18 Female 0.58" 0.187"  0.103"
16-14 Female   0.187"  

Non-insulated disconnect terminals are ideal for applications where connection-disconnection may be necessary. Also known as quick connect or slip-on connectors these terminals are known for their ease of use. Non-insulated disconnect terminals offer excellent holding force. They achieve this by utilizing an indentation on the tongue of the female part. This indentation locks into a hole on the male tab. How do you use them? Start by selecting the correct terminal based on wire gauge application. Strip the wires to the correct length and insert a wire into the back of the terminal. Now, crimp the non-insulated disconnect terminal using the proper tool. Perform a tug test to ensure that the wire doesn't pull out. Next, repeat the process on another wire using the opposite gender terminal. Snap the two terminals together and you're done. Selecting the correct non-insulated disconnect terminal may not be an easy task. Contact a Pacer expert today with any questions that you may have.


  • UL
  • CSA
  • RoHS


  • Vol. Resistivity: 1015 Ohm-cm3
  • Dielectric Strength: 900-V/mil
  • Voltage Rating: 600-V

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