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Wire Size Insulation Color Barrel Length Full Length Tip Diameter Insulation Diameter
24-22 Light Blue 0.24" 0.39" 0.05" 0.09"
22-20 Orange 0.24" 0.47" 0.05" 0.11"
20-18 White 0.24" 0.47" 0.06" 0.13"
18 Yellow 0.24" 0.47" 0.07" 0.14"
16 Red 0.31" 0.55" 0.08" 0.16"
14 Blue 0.31" 0.55" 0.10" 0.19"
12 Grey 0.47" 0.79" 0.13" 0.21"
10 Black 0.47" 0.79" 0.15" 0.27"
8 White 0.47" 0.87" 0.19" 0.33"
6 Grey 0.71" 1.18" 0.34" 0.53"
4 Blue 1.06" 1.89" 0.69 0.88"
2 Tan 1.26" 2.28" 0.81" 0.98"


Wire fraying can quickly become a problem when dealing with IEC (European) style terminal blocks. As the wire frays, the connection becomes weaker and the problem will need to be addressed. But all that can be prevented. How? By utilizing wire ferrules. Wire ferrules are a type of terminal that prevents wire fraying. It covers the stranded wire and creates a solid, connected piece. In a sense, wire ferrules make stranded wire behave like solid wire. This is important, especially when working with IEC terminal blocks. How do you properly use Wire Ferrules? The first step is to strip the wire to the correct length. Now slide the ferrule over the exposed wire. Make sure that the nylon casing butts up to the wire insulation. Once set, crimp using the proper tool. Using the proper tool is important as without the proper pressure the wire may not create a solid connection. Proper crimping pressure and technique are key to ensuring continued performance. Once properly crimped, you can add heat shrink for added protection if you choose. Selecting the correct wire ferrule isn't always an easy task. Contact a Pacer expert today with any questions that you may have.


  • Prevent strand separation while minimizing strand breakage
  • Insulated ferrules provide additional electrical insulation
  • Increase connection reliability when terminating stranded wire in terminal blocks 

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