Step-Down Butt Splices with Clear Heat Shrink

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Wire Gauge 20-18 (5 per Unit)
SIDE ONE color stripe/AWG RED/1@20-18
SIDE TWO color stripe/AWG BLUE/2@20-18
Insulation Color Clear/Red dashes
Wire Gauge 16-14 (5 per Unit)
SIDE ONE color stripe/AWG BLUE/1@16-14
SIDE TWO color stripe/AWG YELLOW/2@20-18
Insulation Color Clear/Blue dashes
Wire Gauge 12-10 (5 per Unit)
SIDE ONE color stripe/AWG YELLOW/1@12-10
SIDE TWO color stripe/AWG RED/2@20-18
Insulation Color Clear/Yellow dashes

Sometimes in an electrical system you will need to connect one wire to multiple wires. You may also need to connect two different gauge wires together. It is situations like this where you would use step down butt splices with clear heat shrink.

Step down butt connectors join two wires to one. The colored dash on the tubing indicates the wire AWG for the connector. Red means that side of the splice accepts 20-18 AWG wire. A blue band indicates 16-14 AWG. A yellow band means that the splice will accept 12-10 AWG wire. The heat shrink terminals provide a durable, environmentally sealed connection for wires between 20 AWG - 10 AWG. The clear heat shrink makes it easy to identify problematic areas. This could include exposed conductors or damaged insulation due to stress.

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