Step-Down Tinned Butt Splice

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Step down tinned butt splices are used to connect different gauge wires together or multiple wires of the same size. So, you could use step down tinned butt splices to connect a 10 gauge wire to a 14 AWG wire, or connect a 14 AWG wire to two 14 gauge wires. The first step is to make sure you have correctly stripped the wires to the proper length. If you look inside the butt splice you will see an indentation. Make sure your wires butt up against that. Insert the wire making sure the insulation touches the butt splice, otherwise you run the risk of a weaker connection. Now, the splice is crimped with the proper tool. This crimp bends the connector around the wire which creates a solid connection. We'll repeat the process on the other side with a larger wire. After crimping, perform the tug test to make sure the wires don't pull out. Now you've created a durable connection. Remember, Butt splices are useful for their rapid installation and durability. Other methods of connection may not offer the same level of protection.



Wire Size


SM I.D. Max


LG I.D. Max


O.D. Max



22-18 to 16-14 0.071" 0.088" 0.160" 0.675"
16-14 to 12-10 0.097" 0.137" 0.223" 0.827"
12-10 to 8 0.139" 0.172" 0.291" 0.854"
8 to 6 0.182" 0.237" 0.375" 1.045"

Step down butt splices are ideal for connecting one wire to multiple wires. They are also useful for connecting two different gauge wires together. These splices are easy to use and built to last. The colored dash on the tubing indicates the wire AWG for the connector. Thin Red means that the splice accepts 8 AWG wire. A yellow band indicates 12-10 AWG. A blue band means that the splice will accept 16-14 AWG wire. A thicker red band means that the splice will handle 18-22 AWG wire. Step down tinned butt splices are built for harsh environments and can withstand impact and abrasion. Selecting the correct size butt splice isn't always easy. Contact a Pacer expert today with any questions that you may have.


  • E.T.P. (Electrolytic Tough Pitch) CDA-110
  • ASTM-B-152 copper rated at 100% conductivity
  • UL & CSA Approved
  • RoHS Compliant


  • Tin Plated
  • Barrel Type: Closed

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