Nylon Partially-Insulated Disconnect Terminals

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Wire Gauge Terminal Gender Length Insulation Length Stock Thickness Max I.D.
 22-18 AWG Male 1.02" 0.55" - 0.054"
 22-18 AWG Female 0.87" 0.43" 0.016" 0.12"
16-14 AWG Male 1.02" 0.55" - 0.17"
12-10 AWG Male 1.02" 0.55" - 0.22"


Disconnect terminals were designed with quick connection and disconnection of two wires in mind. Nylon partially-insulated disconnect terminals are ideal for field maintenance applications. They allow users to easily separate the connection as needed. How well do they hold? Nylon partially-insulated terminals are built to hold long term. Each male terminal has a hole that mates with the female terminal. A small protrusion found on the female terminal fits the hole ensuring they won't come apart. This way, they can either be connected indefinitely or disconnected as needed. Disconnecting does not damage or alter the male/female connection whatsoever. Nylon partially-insulated disconnect terminals are available in a range of sizes and styles. Their color coded insulation makes selecting the correct size a simple process. Red indicates the terminals are for use with 22-18 AWG wire. Blue indicates the terminals are for use with 16-14 AWG wire. Yellow insulation is used on 12-10 AWG terminals. Selecting the correct nylon partially-insulated disconnect terminals is not a simple task. Contact a Pacer expert today with any questions that you may have.

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