Heat Shrink Butt Splices (8 AWG)

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Butt splices are a type of connector used to safely connect one or more wires to another wire. Their economical pricing and ease of use make them common in electrical systems. Heat shrink butt splices create an environmentally sealed connection to handle harsh conditions. They are simple to use. First, make sure you have correctly stripped the wires to the proper length. Inside of the butt splice, you will see an indentation your wires should butt up against. Be careful to make sure that the butt splice and the wire insulation are touching. Otherwise, you run the risk of damaging the wire due to exposure. So, the stripped wire is inserted into one side of the butt splice and crimped with the proper tool. This crimp bends the connector around the wire creating a solid connection. Next, you simply repeat the process on the other side. Alternatively, you can crimp the other end creating a dead end. Before you heat it, don't forget the tug test. Once your wire is properly crimped, apply heat to the butt splice working outward. Be careful not to burn the butt splice or the wire insulation. And now you've created a durable, environmentally protected connection. Remember, butt splices are useful for their rapid installation and durability. Other methods of connection may not offer the same level of protection.


Terminal Type Butt Splice
Wire Gauge 8 AWG (Pink)
Max. Wire Insulation O.D. 0.35" (Pink)
Base Material Tinned Copper
Voltage Rating 600-V


Terminals are a necessity for any electrical systems. Heat shrink butt splices provide a rugged, environmentally sealed connection that is meant to last. These butt splices are designed for use with 8 AWG wires. How do you use 8 AWG heat shrink butt splices? You start by preparing your wires. This means cutting and striping them to the correct length. Every butt splice has an internal indentation of it where your wires should meet. So now, you insert the wire into the butt splice making sure the tip touches the indentation. Using the proper tool, you need to crimp the side of the butt splice which creates a solid connection. Repeat the process on the other side of the butt splice. Next, perform a tug test to make sure that the wires do not pull out. After that, use the proper heat gun or torch to correctly heat the outer heat shrink. Why use 8 AWG heat shrink butt splices? Heat shrink butt splices offer the highest level of protection available. By using these splices you are creating a moisture proof seal that will last. Heat shrink butt splices protect connections from physical abuse and abrasion. They also protect from water, salt and other corrosive compounds.


  • Protects terminations from water, condensation, salt spray and corrosion
  • Added vibration protection in rugged environments
  • Provides strain relief
  • Cost effective


  • Shrink ratio: Apprx. 3-1 at 135 °C
  • Operating Temp: -55 °C -  125 °C
  • Vol. Resistivity: 1015 Ohm-cm3
  • Dielectric Strength: 900-V/mil
  • Voltage Rating: 600-V


  • UL
  • CSA
  • RoHS

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