Heat Shrink Bullet Terminals


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Terminal Type Heat Shrink Bullet Terminal
Bullet Size 0.156"
Base Material Tinned Copper


Heat Shrink bullet terminals are designed to be connected and separated quickly and easily. How do they work? Well, they are male and female connectors that snap together to create a wired connection. They can be pulled apart if needed. The heat shrink seal keeps moisture out while protecting against corrosion. They are a safe and convenient way to create secure electrical connections. Used by the automotive and marine industries, these terminals are built to handle harsh environments. Heat shrink bullet terminals can be installed quickly and last for years. How do you use them? Start by selecting the correct sized heat shrink bullet terminal based on the wire gauge you will be using. Strip your wires to the correct length and place the male or female terminal over the wire. Crimp using the proper tool to ensure the correct amount of pressure. Before going any further, it's a good idea to perform a tug test. Gently pull on the wire and terminal to make sure the wire does not pull out. Once you are satisfied with the pull test, activate the heat shrink using the proper tool. Now, simply repeat the process on the other wire using the opposite gender terminal and you're done. If you have any questions about this or any Pacer product, contact a Pacer expert today.


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