Changes for Pacer, Benefits for You

Posted by Pacer Group on 11th Oct 2022

Pacer worked hard to support our customers and partners while the world was turning upside down during the last few years. The ripple effect caused by delayed shipments, parts shortages, and labor issues, was felt across the marine industry. During this time, we focused not on treading water, but on moving forward. Our team worked to develop partnerships and secure supply chains. We aimed our focus on expanding our capabilities, growing our brand, and tackling the increasing demand for high quality marine grade wire, cable, and electrical parts. As part shortages became more and more commonplace, we doubled our efforts to secure new vendors or find alternative products. 

Increasing capabilities

To meet the increasing demand for our wire and cable, we refined the number of striped wires we focus on to a small handful. This way less time is spent changing out jobs or prepping orders. With a reduced number of striped wires, we can produce higher volumes in shorter time. This means that everyday boaters, repairs shop, and marinas can get the wire and cable they need to get the job done right the first time.

"With a reduced number of striped wires, we can produce higher volumes in shorter time."

Growing our Brand Awareness

After decades of offering electrical solutions, Pacer is now working to be a household name. By increasing our brand awareness, we aim to serve a wider range of clients and offer them the same high-quality solutions. In this way, your favorite boat builder can partner with Pacer and get the hard-to-find parts they need to finish the new model you are waiting on. We know that people trust Pacer for all the parts they need for boat repair. At Pacer, it doesn’t matter if you’re a million-dollar company or an everyday fisherman. We give each customer the same level of professionalism, attention, and respect.

Why Trust Pacer?

Pacer supplies wire, cable, and electrical parts to the largest and most respected OEMs as well as repairs shops, marinas, and private consumers. If some of the world's largest boat builders trust Pacer, why wouldn't you? With over forty years in the marine industry, Pacer has a proven track record as a trusted partner. Shop from over 9,000 high-quality parts and find what you need to get the job done right.

Given the supply chain issues of the last few years, some companies have started using inferior parts to get the job done. That is why we recommend asking your technician where they get their parts. People search for things like; boat repair near me, or boat repair shops near me, or even boat motor repair near me. Regardless of how you find your repair shop, it is imperative to make sure that they use quality parts. When you are looking for a boat repair shop, ask them; “Do you use Pacer Products?”. This way you can know whether they are using the highest quality electrical parts or not